SIGGRAPH attendees make a reservation for a time slot to visit The Outpost on our website After registering, they will receive an email with links and instructions to download The Outpost from the Steam Store (a free Steam account is required). After attendees open The Outpost in the Steam App and put on their VR Headset, they will find themselves on an alien planet with a cool retro-future vibe.

All of the other patrons at The Outpost are robots, as are you. After selecting a seat at an available table, you will be able to customize your robot avatar by selecting an avatar from a population of procedurally generated robots.

You can then talk to the other robots at The Outpost, whom you realize are fellow SIGGRAPH attendees. As you hang out with each other, you drink your tropical drink through a straw.

Created with support from

National Science Foundation

Frequently Asked Questions

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